WESTERN brand batteries represent superior power - for every vehicle and every application. Our philosophy is to never compromise on quality, and that's where the WESTERN start, what the value WESTERN battery brand go in for and How the WESTERN battery brand grows up in the highly competitive battery industry.  Continuous innovation and uncompromising quality standards make us one of the major players in the battery industry. With innovations ranging from the traditional flooded technology to the cutting-edge AGM technology and unique Gel technology, it’s no wonder that people from all over the world choose WESTERN battery brand products to fit their vehicles.

The WESTERN battery brand package packs a powerful punch. Our adherence to the highest quality standards mean there is no room for compromise, and our technological expertise leads to continual innovation and improvement. This is why we can, again and again, offer the market products which guarantee improved power and reliability - products which further extend our position in the competition.

Brand Application

Within the application sector WESTERN battery brand comply with a comprehensive range of quality batteries, with a trusted reputation for performance and reliability. 

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Batteries for Automotive Car and Truck 

» Supreme AGM Start-Stop Car Battery Series

» Advance EFB Start-Stop Car Battery Series

» Endurance MF (maitenance free) Car Battery Series

» Classic Dry Charge Car Battery Series

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A complemented by a maximum power offering for Industrial VRLA UPS and Solar Applications

» FM 6V & 12V General Purpose Series  

» DFM & GFM 12V Deep Cycle Batteries Series

» 2V Long Life Storage Battery Series

» 12V Front Terminal Battery Series

» OPzV Tubular Gel Battery Series

» OPzS Tubular Flooded Battery Series

China Car Battery and Motorcycle Battery brand.png

A completely line of motorcycle/powersports battery for motorcycle, scooter, ATV, UTV, watercraft and snowmobiles

» Gel SMF Battery Series

» AGM SMF Battery Series

» AGM MF Battery Series

» Dry Charge Battery Series

China Car Battery and Motorcycle Battery brand.png

Motive Power Batteries for Electric Vehicles

» DZM Series Electric Scooter/Bicycle/E-Bike Batteries

» EVF Series Deep Cycle Electric Vehicle Batteries

» EVG Series Electric Rickshaw Tricycle Batteries

» EV Series AGM Deep Cycle Golf Cart Batteries


Altogether, this WESTERN brand combination provides customers with the widest choice of battery power and technologies for virtually any application at all class power requirement.