Our Expertise

Consistent Quality Delivered Globally

Western Electrical offers a full portfolio of lead acid batteries that cover an extensive range of application. Each battery is built to meet the specific needs of our global customer base of original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket customers.

Our dedication to safety, quality and continuous improvement ensure the highest quality. And our global marketing footprint provides us with the ability to deliver our battery products to the customers wherever and whenever they may need them. The battery portfolio range consists of the following range.


Batteries for Automotive Car and Heavy Duty Commerical Truck Vehicles:

» Supreme AGM Start-Stop Car Battery Series

» Advance EFB Start-Stop Car Battery Series

» Endurance MF (maitenance free) Car Battery Series

» Classic Dry Charge Car Battery Series


Batteries for Industrial UPS, Solar, Solar Power System.etc Standby and Storage Applications:

» FM 6V & 12V General Purpose Series  

» DFM & GFM 12V Deep Cycle Batteries Series

» 2V Long Life Storage Battery Series

» 12V Front Terminal Battery Series

» OPzV Tubular Gel Battery Series

» OPzS Tubular Flooded Battery Series


Motorcycle and Powersports Batteries for Motorcycles, Scooters, Quad Bikes, Jet-skis and Snowmobiles etc. :

» Gel SMF Battery Series

» AGM SMF Battery Series

» AGM MF Battery Series

» Dry Charge Battery Series


Batteries for Electric Vehicles:

» DZM Series Electric Scooter/Bicycle/E-Bike Batteries

» EVF Series Deep Cycle Electric Vehicle Batteries

» EVG Series Electric Rickshaw Tricycle Batteries

» EV Series AGM Deep Cycle Golf Cart Batteries


Incorporating all the proven and latest technology, Western Electrical has a well deserved reputation for their durability. They are known to withstand even the most challenging conditions from Pole to Pole.