Battery FAQs

How to remove and install a car or truck battery?

Modern vehicles are equipped with sensitive electrical systems, such as airbag controllers, ABS, stability and traction control systems, onboard computers etc. With some vehicles, it is necessary to follow certain procedures when installing or removing the battery. So, be sure to adhere to the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions!

The following steps need to be taken:

»  Switch off the engine and all the other electrical equipment before installing or removing the battery.

»  Install only batteries that are fully charged and undamaged.

»  Install the type of battery recommended for the vehicle.

»  Avoid causing short-circuits with the tools or cables.

»  When removing the battery, disconnect the negative terminal (-) first followed by the positive terminal (+). Before installing the battery, clean the surface of the installation location.

»  Fix the battery firmly in place. If it is not firmly fixed in place, it will be affected considerably by vibrations and this can reduce its service life.Friction between the battery container and its support area can result in wear to the container, causing it to break and the electrolyte to leak out.

»  Clean the battery terminals and the connection terminals. Lubricate them lightly with non-acidic grease to prevent oxidation.

»  When installing the battery, connect the positive terminal (+) first followed by the negative terminal (-). Check that the terminal connections are firm, but do not over-tighten them.

»  Use the fittings from the old battery, such as the hose connection, terminal supports and terminal covers. Use the top-up caps supplied.

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